Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger
Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger

Copy of DapperHanger™️ - The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger

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Dry & Straighten Your Clothes On-The-Go In Minutes Without Ironing Or Shrinking Them

Traveling With A Wrinkled Shirt Again But Hate Ironing? Or Did You Shrink Another Shirt In The Dryer? Or Are You Still Waiting For Your Damp Clothes As They Hang In Every Corner Of Your House?

If you hate ironing, or tired of constantly shrinking your clothes in the drier, or draping your home with damp laundry, or you simply want to look your best without destroying the outfits you spent so much money on, then you need...


Dapper Hangers

DapperHanger™️ is your on-the-go electric hanger that helps you dry and straighten your clothes in record time without shrinking, or ruining them like bulky irons or steamers do.

Say goodbye to painstaking ironing, and slow old-school hang drying, and say hello to a more Dapper Way to dry and straighten your clothes!


 Removes Wrinkles in Minutes - straighten your clothes with a simple push of a button! No need to use a lunky iron ever again! 

 Easily Take It Anywhere - compact & portable, DapperHanger™️ is made from light, strong materials, designed to come apart for easy of packing. An essential for savvy travel pros who want to look sharp!

 Dry The Thickest Largest Garments You Cant Put In A Dryer - the innovative Dual Hot & Cold Airflow was engineered into the DapperHanger™️ to provide maximum dryness for even the heaviest & thickest of materials.

 Use It For More Than Shirts - this multi-purpose hanger can be used for shirts, jeans, dresses, formal wear, coats, and additional air-duct attachments allow you to keep your shoes and boots dry & fresh, like just like your clothes.

 Save Money On Your Electric Bill  - fast, energy efficient design helps you keep the planet and your wallet in a happy place. DapperHanger™️ has a 5-star energy rating, using the smallest amount of energy with the biggest drying effectiveness!



You have the world to conquer! Whether you're traveling for fun or to close that business meeting, or simply want to look good back home. The LAST thing you want to do is iron or worry about shrinking your clothes in a drier machine.

Ensure crips, straight, ultra-dry clothes with a simple push of a button with DapperHanger™️

It's compact size, and detachable air-ducts make this a true travel companion. Just plug it in and within MINUTES your clothes are dry and straight ready to go!

Great for the business traveller who want their collared shirt and suits crisp for their meetings without having to spend an hour ironing their entire suitcase full of clothes after they've gotten off a long flight.

Simply hang, and push one button. Then viola! Ready for action!

It's amazing for the parents who is used to hanging all of their family's damp clothing around the house to avoid ruining their favorite outfits from dryer machine shrinkage. No need to wait days to dry all those clothes. 

Simply hang, and push one button and good to go!

This is simply a true NO BRAINER for the ultimate savvy traveller.

Dapper Hanger

DapperHangers™️ unique multi-purpose design makes it a one of a kind tool for everyone! With detachable arms you can add the additional air-ducts to even dry your boots and shoes! Keeping them dry and fresh.

It's perfect for drying:

  • Dress Shirts
  • Jeans & Slacks
  • Suits
  • Coats
  • Thick Garments
  • Clothing that can't be put in a dryer machine
  • Wet Bikini's & Swim Trunks
  • Shoes & Boots
  • Practically Anything You Would Typically Hang Dry!

With it's 5-Star energy efficient design, DapperHanger™️ saves everyone money on their electric bill while taking care of the planet.

Engineered to be durable and long lasting. Built within it's microcomputer, is it's innovative Power Failure Protection to ensure a long lasting lifetime of use.

Have your choice between hot and cold air flow with it's Dual AirFlow feature or simply allow DapperHanger™️ to work for you and switch it to automatic mode and it will go from hot to cold at the right times for the quickest dry time.


We understand that wet clothing is much heavier. So with weight in mind DapperHanger™️ was built to be strong. Put it to the test by hanging some of the wettest, heaviest clothing you have and watch it go to work for you.

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With our 100-Day "Love It" Guarantee. We stand behind our product 100%. If you don't absolutely LOVE IT, send it back within 100-days of purchase and we'll refund everything you paid for. 

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

This is why you only trust The Original Electric Air-Dry Hanger for your drying and wrinkle free needs. 

All you need to do is hang and push, and you're good to go! 


    • ABS Shell + Microcomputer Components
    • White
    • Clothes Drying Rack: 480G
    • Shoe Drying Tube: 200G
    • Electric Clothes Drying Rack
    • Shoe Drying Tube

    Plug Outlet

    Choose one of four wall plug options


    7-15 Days Domestically USPS, 7-25 Days International

    100-Day "Love It" Guarantee

    If you don't love it, you have 100-days after your purchase to send it back for a 100% refund. Simply email with your receipt.

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    Dapper Hangers


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