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The Sharp Dressed Travel With DapperHanger™️

Use the perfect travel companion and stop wasting your time ironing. Simply hang your clothes, push one button to remove your wrinkles, then conquer the world.

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Dry Your Clothes In Minutes Without Them Shrinking

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Dont You dare Call It "just a hanger"

Removes Wrinkles in Minutes

Straighten your clothes with a simple push of a button! No need to use a lunky iron ever again! 

Easily Take It Anywhere

Compact & portable, DapperHanger™️ is made from light, strong materials, designed to come apart for easy of packing. An essential for savvy travel pros who want to look sharp!

Dry The Thickest Largest Garments You Cant Put In A Dryer

The innovative Dual Hot & Cold Airflow was engineered into the DapperHanger™️ to provide maximum dryness for even the heaviest & thickest of materials.

Use It For More Than Shirts

This multi-purpose hanger can be used for shirts, jeans, dresses, formal wear, coats, and additional air-duct attachments allow you to keep your shoes and boots dry & fresh, like just like your clothes

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  • Our customers love being Dapper.


Our customers love being Dapper. Get Dapper Today


I got this as a birthday gift from my girlfriend and its honestly the best gift I've ever gotten. I hang all of my dress clothes to dry and it used to take all day, and now takes minutes. Plus when I travel for work it takes seconds to take the wrinkles out with NO IRONING! Since then I own 3 Dapper Hangers. Thanks guys!


GAME CHANGER. PERIOD. I have two of your Dapper Hangers and they were worth every penny. I got them for my t-shirts, but last week I was able to dry my boots after I was out in the snow all day.


I absolutely love this hanger! I cant tell you how many outfits I've shrunk or ruined in the dryer, but now I only hang my dresses and my husbands work shirts on YOUR hangers. They dry fast but I also know my things wont get destroyed by the dryer machine again.